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About jash & zach

Jash lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife Amanda and their cats Clark and Frank. He is a talented artist and musician who has had the honor of touring and recording with some pretty amazing bands and musicians. Enjoys writing short stories and has published poetry in several compilation works. A natural introvert and creative AF. Chances are that if it has Into the Dark Blue on it, then he designed it.


You can find Jash's art for sale at

Proceeds of which can be designated to a charity of your choosing.


You can also find some of his work on Instagram @thecowboysupernova

This is Zach. He can be a little too serious at times, but his poetry makes up for it. He lives in Seattle, WA in a deluxe apartment in the sky. If you read it here, he most likely wrote it. Also, he makes bad puns to watch people cringe. 


You can find him at or @breaking_of_light on Instagram. His book of poetry, "Nomad Psalms", is available on Amazon

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