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About Into the Dark Blue

Our Mission

We are always striving to foster a community of peers which empowers mental wellness, positive growth, and social awareness.

Our Vision

We encourage individual growth of the of mind, body, and soul through emotional empowerment and education. We encourage community, support, and positive accountability through consistent group conversations and community events which positively impact the individual, the community, and current social issues. 

Our History

Into the Dark Blue is centered around the community of people in our lives who help keep us on our feet. It started as an inside joke between a few friends, which eventually became what was born in the early months of 2019 when two long time friends had a simple realization about the healing power of conversation among good friends over a nice cold beer. It soon evolved from a simple idea to a reality when the Into the Dark Blue podcast was launched in May of 2019. The pair recorded an initial series of conversations about things guys aren't typically encouraged to talk about, paired with some of their favorite craft beers. This made way for a series of intriguing interviews with other real guys with real life experience and expertise, and subsequently the onset of the Into the Dark Blue Community. 

Our Foundation

Into the Dark Blue is about community, and bringing regular guys together in a positive forum for growth and change. We stand for inclusion, equality and justice. We are and will always be a safe haven for those who need support, community, and representation. As we evolve we will maintain a safe space for guys to learn how to be the best version of themselves while serving local communities to the best of our ability.

We like beer and handcrafted spirits. We support independent breweries and distilleries, and the spirit of community they inspire. We support the various ways in which they make a positive impact on the communities they serve. While we enjoy a carefully curated adult beverage, we also encourage knowing your limits. Think before you drink, and cause no harm.

Our Crew

Me blue.jpg

Zach Jewell - Founder/CEO has always had a passion for bringing people together and creating a positive encouraging space. He was a youth minister for 8 years while he was earning his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. After transitioning from non-profit human services to several years in the for profit sector for some valuable life lessons, Zach has redirected toward his greatest passion, helping others live their best possible life. He loves being outdoors, craft beer, art, and poetry. Find his book of poetry for the wanderer, Nomad Psalms, on Amazon!


Bryan Klipsch - Consultant Bryan is currently the Founder and Co-Founder of several ventures, and has been on the founding team of two exits (SaaS) to Autodesk. He has been in revenue leadership roles at startups in the SaaS, Web3 and EdTech spaces for over ten years. He’s scaled revenue from 12M to 50M ARR, and founded a sustainable farm company during his MBA at NYU. He started his career at Goldman and then Google as an analyst.

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