2020 Brewery Tour Announcement!

Updated: May 2

It’s official. I quit my job...

A few years ago I saw an interview with Jeff Bezos on a local Seattle television network, in which he stated something along the lines of, “Don’t waste your life working toward someone else’s dream,” so, I decided to take his advice and start making a plan. Today, that plan has come to fruition… I have officially resigned from my full time corporate job to pursue my truest passion: Helping others discover and become the best version of themselves they can be. The knowledge and experience I have gained from the for profit sector has been pivotal in driving this life change, and has given me a certain level of confidence and business understanding, which I needed to make something like this happen.

Many of you have probably seen my posts about the men’s mental health and wellness podcast, Into the Dark Blue, but what you may not know is Into the Dark Blue is bigger than just a podcast. We are actually in the process of building a support network for mental health and wellness to help give men the skills and resources they need to be successful with their mental health, and consequently their daily lives and relationships.

Throughout 2020, I will be traveling to twenty major U.S. cities to promote Into the Dark Blue while raising money for mental health initiatives and network with local mental health organizations in the U.S., while building a network of local breweries for men (and anyone else who wants to join) to go to for support from peers to help open up the lines of communication surrounding their struggles. The goal is to help regular guys learn to be more successful in their personal lives, at work, and in relationships; to help them combat their negative destructive feelings and behaviors before they manifest negatively in some greater way.

I want to thank all of you who have inspired and supported this venture thus far. I am grateful for the friends and family who encouraged me and believe in my success surrounding this endeavor. This is the greatest step out in faith I have ever taken, and while there is a bit of fear and anxiety regarding what the future holds, the greater part of me is excited and hopeful for the impact I have the opportunity to make in the community. I am looking forward to the opportunity to visit many of you I have not seen for a while due to all the change and chaos of life, and by all means, if you have a bed I can occupy while I am in your city, I would be grateful and honored to spend that time catching up with you.

I am also grateful for your continued support in building the Into the Dark Blue community (no, I’m not asking for money) by sharing social media posts, reviewing the podcast on Apple Podcasts and whatever streaming services you use, and submitting your stories to our Real Guys, Real Talk blog at www.intothedarkblue.com. We also greatly value feedback on the podcast episodes and other content. It is going to be a wild ride.







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