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Small Town, Big Hearts

As we kick off mental health awareness month, It seemed appropriate to post an empowering story of self acceptance, which is also a shining example of what it means to break the stigma. Kyle Jones is a champion horse trainer from a small town in Ohio, who had the courage to open up and tell his story on YouTube. He talks in depth about the journey from depression and self doubt to prospering and self acceptance. His collection of inspiring photographs of all the people and events throughout his life which were such a positive influence along the way really drives home the importance of a solid support system. Mental health awareness month is a great reminder that, 1) if you're struggling with mental health issues it's okay to reach out and let the people in your life know you're struggling, 2) needing medication to help get you back on your feet does not make you weak, and 3) you are not less valuable than others around you who don't seem to be having a hard time. We hope you are as inspired by his story as we were!

Guys, if you need help, please feel free to reach out. You can visit our Get Help page HERE, and you can also download the #Tools2Thrive tool kit from Mental Health America HERE. You don't have to be struggling with major mental illness to be struggling with your mental health. Reach out. You guys are not alone.


Zach from Into the Dark Blue

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