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MEn's Group Content

Welcome to the Dark Blue Crew content page! Here you will find upcoming and past men's group meeting topics! 

Crew 1


The first in the Dark Blue series of building connections and understanding our emotions. Psychiatrist Pierre Azzam introduces the concept of connection and the importance of men building close vulnerable friendships with other men.

Crew 2

Emotional Awareness

This week's crew is about learning to recognize our basic emotions, and how to be aware of them in each moment.

Crew 3


This week we talk about the importance of destigmatizing depression. Pierre Azzam discusses his own experiences with depression, and challenges us to take a look at the possible symptoms and history within ourselves and our loved ones.

Crew 4


This month, in our series of discussing basic emotions, The Dark Blue Crew is talking about suffering and sadness. Often we suffer in silence. We let our sadness fester and go un tended, but it doesn't have to be that way. Join us as we talk about how we can be more communicative about our suffering.

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